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When It’s OK to Cheat

Is it ever OK to cheat?

Usually, cheating is bad for everyone.  It erodes the fabric of society.  It’s unfair to those who play fair.  And it robs you of growth and learning.

But there’s a socially acceptable form of “cheating” that allows everyone to win.

What’s funny is that, when presented with this opportunity to cheat, most folks dismiss the opportunity they’ve been given.

Case in point … Many folks, when reading the essential classic The One Minute Manager react with …

Is that it??

In defense of the naysayers … hey, it only teaches you 3 things.  That’s it.

  • the one minute goal
  • the one minute reprimand
  • the one minute praise

But here’s the thing …

  • most business owners get these three things terribly wrong
  • the cost of getting them wrong is enormous
  • learning how to get them right is exceedingly easy

See, you get to do an ethical-cheat by taking advantage of the decades of research that went into this book.

Take, for example, “the one minute reprimand.”

If you’ve ever had to tell an employee they need to improve their performance, you’ll know the consequences of getting this wrong can be quite dire.    The cost can range from hurt feelings … to the loss of office harmony … all the way up to a lawsuit.

Wouldn’t it be worth taking 5 minutes to read our fun cartoon summary of The One Minute Manager and learn these three things in the fastest way known to man?

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