Monthly : September 2011

New Feature: SMS or Email to Dream Catcher

Oh, Dream Catcher, how I love you so …

If I were a poet I’d write an Ode to the Dream Catcher. Alas, I’m but a prosaic geek/MMA-fighter/entrepreneur/futurist. Here’s my thusly prosaic praise of the Dream Catcher, and a note about the uber-ninja new way to use it our nerd-herd has plotted, schemed, and coded for you.

Why You Should Love the Dream Catcher, Too

When I’m in the middle of “making things happen,” sometimes annoyances surface that pull me off track. I get a new idea … i remember something I need to take care of … I get an urgent message about something that needs my attention …

Rather than allow life’s inevitable variation to derail my progress, I just drop it all in the Dream Catcher. I then get right back to business, secure in the knowledge that I’ll get to it next time I do Start My Day.

That’s how Simpleology works.

Big deal. It’s only a big deal if you actually want to make significant things happen in your life. (Everyone else can go back to sleep. Everything is under control.)

SMS and Email: The New Way to Drop Items Into Your Dream Catcher

(Simpleology Pro or Elite account required)

In days of yore (yesterday), one would have to log in to their Simpleology account via the web to drop items into the Dream Catcher.

With the new SMS/Email to Dream Catcher feature you can drop items into the Dream Catcher from pretty much anywhere. That is, anywhere you have access to email or SMS (SMS = “short message service” AKA “text messaging”).

And now that almost everyone has a smart phone, or at least a phone with text messaging, you could do this from anywhere.

Here’s how …
1. Log In
2. Go to “My Account
3. Click on the New “Extras” Tab
4. Click On the “Add New” Link Next to “SMS/Email to Dream Catcher”

You can add as many email addresses and phone numbers as you like. Our robots will then walk you through the process of verifying each one.

Get creative with it. Think: now that many phones will even allow voice-to-text SMS messages, instead of taking eccentric faux notes-to-self …

… you can take notes-to-self for real – and actually do something with them.

P.S. Remember, this is a new feature. We’ve tested the dickens out of it, but there’s no such thing as “bug-free software” – especially when we’re dealing with the chaos of thousands of cell networks and email providers. Let us know if you have any trouble and we’ll fix it fast. As always.

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