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Holocaust Survivor Reveals Hidden Meaning of Life

It’s a question that burns in the heart of every man.

Does it really have a single answer?

Can any single person know it?

Spoiler:  I don’t know.

What I do know is this …

Anyone who has suffered unthinkable horrors – and come out the other end, optimism intact – knows something most of us don’t know.

Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl

Is the meaning of life hidden in plain sight?


If you are suffering in any way, great or small (as we all are), you need to know the super-potent secrets revealed in this great book.  The Library of Congress declared it …

“One of the 10 most influential books in U.S. History.”
Library of Congress

So, what is the hidden meaning?

I’ll give you two clues …

1.  “It became clear to Frankl the sort of person each captive became was the result of an inner decision, not as the result of the camp.”

2.  “You can discover meaning in your life in three different ways:  ______, ________, and ______.”

What was that “inner decision?”  What are the 3 ways to discover meaning?

For all of that and more, just enjoy a quick 5 minute coffee break with this entertaining cartoon summary:

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Man’s Search for Meaning
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