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Contrarian Stamina Secrets of a Superhuman Senior Citizen

Famous rock & roll keyboardist, and Simpleology super user, Robert “Bobby” Martin is, indeed, a superhuman senior citizen.

Not only is he an alum of perhaps the most brutal Whiplash-grade music machine in history (he was Frank Zappa’s keyboardist for 12 years), he is capable of obscene feats of strength.

Check these out … (they get progressively tougher!)

First, we have your good old-fashioned handstand.

Next we have the significantly harder single-leg pistol squat …

Now here’s Robert doing pushups.  Pushups?  Notice two things:

1.  His arms are extended overhead

2.  He’s on one finger!

Extended-arm “superman” pushups, by themselves are widely considered one of the toughest moves in the world of fitness.

And now, are you ready for this?

Single-arm superman pushups .. on his fingertips!

If you think it’s not possible to get stronger as you age, you may want to give my conversation with this man a gander.

Insider you’ll discover:

  • Why Robert gave up veganism and what he eats now
  • Why he never goes to the gym
  • His surprising thoughts on sex and drugs
  • Much more …

WARNING:  If you’re too squeamish for frank talk about sex and drugs … if you’re offended by views that are so far outside of the mainstream it would make doctors blush … you might want to skip this one.

Mark Joyner’s Hangout with the Superhuman Senior Citizen
(watch now – FREE)

Full Video of the Hangout
Full MP3 Audio

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