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Harvard Professor Calculates the Price of Instant Happiness: $40

Not only can this make you instantly happy …

It’s one of the great “productivity secrets” of almost every truly successful entrepreneur I know.

However, it can be a bit of a tough pill to swallow.  I recommended this Harvard Professor’s advice to one of my clients and it made his wife so angry, she sent me an actual hand-written letter to scold me.

With my client’s permission, I personally called her to explain.  When the implications of it finally sunk in she went silent.

“Mark … I’m so sorry.  I get it now.  Wow.  This is actually great news for me.”

What is this $40 thing that can make you instantly happy (without drugs or “faking it”), unshackle your productivity, make your wife ecstatically grateful and more?

Read this free report now to find out …

Harvard Professor Calculates the Price of Instant Happiness: $40
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