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4 Countries That Will Help You Build a Highly Skilled Marketing Army – On the Cheap

Actually, there are more than four …

But really only four that matter.   (And none of them are India … no offense to my lovely India friends!)

First, it’s no secret that through “geoarbitrage” you can hire folks in other countries for a tiny fraction of what it would cost you in the United States.

What does that mean?

Simply put:  the dollar has more buying power in India than it has at home.

How do we know?  Well, there are many measures.  Take, for example, the “Big Mac Index”.  It’s a silly name, but it’s one of the more reliable ways to measure the relative buying power of a currency.  (The exchange rate, contrary to the common misunderstanding, actually tells you *nothing* about relative buying power.)

So, what does the Big Mac Index tell us?  Well,  for the price of one Big Mac in the US … you could buy THREE in India.

Before you dismiss that, consider … That also means that you could pay the same guy, for the same work, 1/3 of what you’d pay in the United States.  So, for every one hire in the U.S., you could get THREE in India.

And in actuality, your dollars go further on the labor market than the 3 to 1 Big Mac arbitrage would indicate.  Much further.

So … hire India?  Is that it?  Is that the big secret?

Well, some would have you believe … yes, it’s that simple.  But, of course, it’s actually not.

In truth, if you hire based on price alone, you’re going to be in big trouble.  Ask anyone who has had their identity stolen by a VA … or who has found it impossible to communicate with their new hires … or who had irreconcilable philosophical differences with their outsourced staff …


It’s not.  That.  Simple.

So, what to do?

The Simpleology Outsourcing Index to the rescue!

We meticulously analyzed every country on the globe using a robust multi-sourced data set and rated countries on 8 unique criteria.

The surprising results are likely to shake up the landscape of the outsourcing and BPO industries, to say the least!

The Simpleology International Outsourcing Index
download now (while it’s free)


Here’s a taste of what you’ll learn

  • Think the India or the Philippines are the best countries to hire a virtual PA?  WRONG.  (Surprisingly, they ranked #5 and #6.  #1 opened our eyes to a whole new untapped goldmine.  See page 13.)
  • Having trouble “connecting” with your virtual team?  Feel like you can’t quite get through to them despite their excellent English skills?  Then you’re probably hiring in a country with a low “Cultural Attitude Similarity” score!
  • We ranked every country in the world based on 8 unique criteria (cost being only one!) and were stunned to discover untapped potential in several very surprising places.
  • We give four separate (and all but one totally surprising) recommendations for four different types of hires: Admin, Tech, Creative, and Customer Support.

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