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The Countdown to Greatness (Part 4 of 4)

(continued from Parts 12, and 3)

Did you read all of the preceding posts?

If you haven’t, do that now.

All three parts.

Parts 12, and 3.

In the US military, I learned an extremely useful phrase I say to myself whenever I catch myself slacking off.

If you’re in a good unit that takes excellence seriously, and you slack off in training, you’re likely to find someone in your face barking …

Powerful stuff.

And quite apropos for the final lesson.  (More about that in a moment.)

Meanwhile … if you haven’t read Parts 12, and 3 …

You’re only cheatin’ yourself.


Moving on …

Let’s Simplify Everything Thus Far

I’m glossing over a lot of nuance here and those who think they’re “cheating the system” by skipping Parts 12, and 3, well …

Scroll above.

Look at that picture.

That’s me in their face, right now.

But you, dear reader … I know you’re not going to cheat yourself.  So, I’m going to stop talking to them.

I’m now talking to you and only you.

I don’t have any more breath to waste on the screwballs who won’t take action.

It’s you and me now.

Let’s go …

Step 1:  Pick a General Direction and Relentlessly Move Forward

Maybe it’s a major goal.  Maybe it’s your “passion” or your “life purpose”.

Hell, maybe it’s just a vague general direction.

And for now … that’s just fine.

Just remember … it has to be:

- meaningful (to youfor example, “get enough money to provide for my family the way my parents were never able to provide for me” – or … “get enough money to make damn sure my family never has to go through the hell I went through” – or … “become the best version of myself to lead my tribe by example” – or … anything you damn well please)

… and …

- believable (to you … if you don’t believe you can do it – pick something smaller for now … over time, you’ll gain confidence and go for bigger things … I promise.)

Remember, this serves two purposes:

First, it keeps you moving forward.

Second, it inspires you to stay on track.

Step 2:  Establish HIME™ Habits

More specifically, HIME™ habits that move you in the general direction you established in Step 1.

Step 3:  Take One Small Action at a Time

It can be a small short term business project you know you can deliver on with gusto for a few weeks or months.

It can be a single small action that tangibly pushes your business forward (like doing one “FIRE Mission” per day as outlined in the Simpleology Business Growth Habit).

It can literally be anything that keeps you moving forward in the general direction you established in Step 1.

But remember:  if you start it … complete it!

The “discipline of completion” is serious business.  Make it your new religion.

Bonus Step:  Surprise!

If you have your Simpleology Black Belt, you know this is all “baked in” to our software.

If you do Start My Day every day (properly – that’s why getting your Simpleology Black Belt is non-negotiable) you’re already doing all of this.

But now – with this deeper understanding – you will be able to use the glorious tools we’ve been perfecting over the last 15 years even more effectively.

Bonus Step 2:  Another Surprise!

If you’re doing Start My Day with the Business Growth Module turned on every day …

Well … now you’re not just applying all of this to your life in general, but to the economic engine that drives your business.

Heck, I ran a mastermind in Phuket a few months ago where 20 people spent $8,000 a head to spend 4 days with me.

What did we spend most of the time doing?

Practicing, and reinforcing, everything you just learned.

“That’s all they got?  For 8 grand?!”

Well, first off.  That was a bargain.  An hour of my time (if you can get it – I don’t do much one-on-one consultation these days) goes for $10,000 an hour.

But, watch this video … 5 of the clips you see there are from the attendees at that event.  And pretty much everyone walked away with the same general consensus.

This is the kind of result I want for you, my friend.

But …

The Final Missing Piece:  The Paradox of Ease

There’s something else we did over those 4 days in Phuket.  We spent some time doing “the impossible.”

What do I mean?

Ice baths.

That’s right.  They each spent several minutes in a tub full of unbearably cold ice water (more ice than water, really) – each and every night.

That’s how we ended each day.

On Day 1 … Everyone – and I mean everyone was terrified by the notion.

But, in the end, every last man jack of them did it.

It was glorious!

“Dude, if HIME™ is the way, why on earth would you put people through that?”

Fair question.

And here’s the “unfair” answer …

Because life sometimes hands you surprises, my friend.  Surprises that are less pleasant than the surprises I revealed above.

Indeed … you’re gonna get your teeth kicked in.  It’s gonna happen every day, in one way or another.  Trust me.  You can’t cheat the universe.  It’s gonna find a way to knock your teeth out.

When you make your peace with that – and begin taking on challenges for the sheer benefit of self-improvement – life’s little surprises aren’t so bad any more.

You may even start seeing them as “opportunities.”  (Ponder on that in your spare time.)

By the last day of the Phuket mastermind, everyone in the room had empirical proof of their awesome willpower.  Their perception of what they could endure was forever altered.

That potential is inside you, too – just waiting to be unlocked.

Now, combine this attitude with HIME™ and …

Look out, world!

So … how do you feel about that “moonshot” now, cowboy?

Still afraid of playing big?

Shameless Sales Pitch Follows

Will you indulge me?

I’m going to make you an “offer you can’t refuse”.

It’s going to make it so you can’t lose.

Indeed … even if you lose – you win.

Before I explain that … what’s this all about?

Well, imagine I was guiding you like I did over the last 4 days every single day of 2020?

That’s 366 straight days since next year is a leap year.

And imagine I was also teaching you … bit by bit … every last scrap of the most powerful marketing wisdom I’ve amassed after 30+ startups over the last 30 years.

Every single one of my most potent persuasion weapons …

Everything I know about how to turn on the “money pump” in your business and keep it flowing …

Now, let me leave you with three final thoughts …

1.  Today is the last day you’ll be able to snag it at 75% off.  (We won’t reduce the price again.)

2.  Today is the last day you’ll be able to order and get guaranteed delivery before the New Year.

3.  When you read the absurdly generous guarantee – you’ll have a legitimate “lol” moment.   You’ll know what I mean when I say “even if you lose – you win.”

All the best,


Mark Joyner
Founder and CEO

P.S.  Remember …

All you have to do is take one small step at a time.  That’s how the “(Not So) Little Calendar” is designed.  One small step at a time.  And it begins with just one small tax-deductible can’t-lose step right now.







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