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Why Covid-19 May Be the Best Thing That Ever Happened to the World

After the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, officially dragging the heretofore neutral United States into World War II …

Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto wrote in his diary:

And he was quite right …

That single act unleashed the economic and industrial might of the United States.  This potential was waiting there … dormant and untapped … until that fateful wake up call arrived.

And think … if it had not, would we have been prepared for the the Cold War?  Would we have been able to “contain” the murderous scourge of Communism if that enormous potential had remained dormant?

I believe Covid-19 could be the Pearl Harbor moment that unleashes the dormant power of humanity itself.

A dormant power that must be unleashed to face a far greater threat to our existence than this virus.

I call it “The Transition Tribulation.”

I’ve been talking about this phenomenon for many years now.  I predicted for years it was inevitable and it is now clearly upon us.

3 weeks before “the week that changed the world” I explained this in great detail in my latest book Your Roadmap to Money in the 2020s (see below for free download – but first, read on) …

It is with no pleasure or pride that I take credit for this.

My aim is to get you learning forward … to wake up … to be prepared …

Something far more dangerous looms on the horizon.

Do I have your attention?

For the sake of the ones you love, I hope so …

Even after we resolve the Covid-19 crisis, I predict this “new normal” (and potentially far worse) will soon return.

When I first predicted “The Transition Tribulation” it was met with derision.

But I was met with the same derision in the tech press when I launched the first ebook publishing company.

“No one wants to read ebooks”, one pundit said.

Now ebooks out-sell print books.

I was met with similar derision when I invented a little device called “the tracking pixel.”

“It’s a cute but inconsequential invention,” chimed in one critic.

Today whenever anyone logs on to the Internet they interact with many of these “inconsequential” tracking pixels – whether they know it or not.

And this “inconsequential” invention has earned billions of dollars in ad revenue for the likes of Facebook and Google.

My predictions as a futurist have remained consistently accurate and I feel it is my duty to now use the power of that authority to urge everyone now to …

 Wake up!

The pages of history are filled with cases of everyday people turning tragedy into triumph.

But this does not happen by chance.  It takes tremendous courage and foresight.

This is our chance.

This is our moment.

Whether the outcome of “The Transition Tribulation” is utopia … dystopia … or oblivion …

Rests in our hands.

To learn how to not only survive – but thrive – during this time of great disruption, and the far great disruption on the horizon, I urge you to read Your Roadmap to Money in the 2020s now.  And to pass this blog post along to everyone you know.

Because of the urgency, I’m making it available for free in ebook form before we release the print version on the mass market.

Most people read it in one sitting.

When you sign up to download, I’m going to follow up via email with an arsenal of additional guidance over the coming months that will:

  • Give you realtime updates about new developments
  • Share new super potent tactics and strategies in realtime as we develop them
  • Show you how to turn tragedy into profit - every step of the way
  • And more …

That said, go ahead and download it now …

FREE Pre-Release Book:
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All the best,


Mark Joyner
Founder and CEO
Simpleology® - Simplicity is FREEDOM!

P.S.  Here’s a sneak peak at the Table of Contents

Your Roadmap to Money in the 2020s by Mark Joyner Table of Contents



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