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Eric Stein

Eric Stein - Website Infinity - Online Marketing Education

Founder & Creator: WebsiteInfinity.com by MonkSEO, LLC
My name is Eric Stein. I am a 14+ year USA/Chicago-based website development and internet marketing professional. I am happy to bring you this Simpleology Project about content curation. Working with many individuals and businesses, I've learned that one of the biggest challenges everyone is facing usually revolves around what type of content to create for their website. Usually the business owners think more about how to sell their widgets and create some sales copy for a blog post... and there is a total disconnect between what people think they SHOULD create for content and what would actually be best for them, their business, customers and bottom line. Right now you are probably thinking about giving an informative article / blog post with good information about one of your widgets and then relate the post to your widget, so subtly use your content to sell, not so blatent... but what I am going to tell you... is FORGET about your widget and your business... you need to find content that is *HOT*, NEW, TRENDING, and latch on to that in your niche to explode your website stats and set your analytics software on fire... if you are ready, this is a very simple "idea" and "process". You can "digest" this project in less than an hour, and put it to use IMMEDIATELY... then you can easily "duplicate" what you have learned and finally... get powerful, traffic, fast... and most of all, you don't even have to create the original content! I also give you my personal email at the end if you still have any questions, just to guarantee that I think it is complete and you can put it to use immedieately for your business. I can't wait to hear your feedback and comments once you take action and put this simple, FREE, and EXPLOSIVE traffic technique by "riding the coat tails" of other AWESOME CONTENT, PEOPLE ALREADY LOVE!