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Learn to Draw with Jacque Fresco

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  • A scientifically proven method that teaches anyone to draw in just a few days. Even those with "zero talent."
  • Make new friends by drawing their faces (see Lesson 3).
  • Never be misunderstood again. With your new skill you can explain your ideas with crystal clarity in moments.
  • You will see the world with a "new set of eyes" once you learn to see like an artist. See beauty and possibility everywhere!
Think you can’t draw? Think again! Art is a learnable skill like riding a bike or baking a cake. If you know the right techniques, that is. Jacque Fresco is referred to many as “a modern day Da Vinci” and he has a very specific set of exercises that will teach you not only how (more)

Learn to Draw with Jacque Fresco

by Jacque Fresco
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