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Alun Davies

Alun Davies

Owner and Creator of the Health and Prosperity Success Program
A systems analyst and engineer by trade I've always had not only an interest and involvement in computing and programming but also a desire to help others, by passing on any knowledge or information that will help them realize their dreams and desires.

That is the reason why I've just embarked on the journey of creating an educational program membership site - Health and Prosperity Success - that will provide a source of high quality educational material aimed at providing guidance and resources required to help my members achieve their own personal Success.

I don't pretend to have the knowledge of all the topics required, so I've gone out to the experts in the relevant fields to acquire the highest quality products available and this WordPress course is an example of one of these products.

The full course will cover topics from purchasing your domain name to creating a web presence to SEO and list building, branding,designing,developing and selling WordPress themes, security and much more...

I also have many other projects in the pipeline covering personal development, business and fitness. So there will be many more exciting projects to look forward to going forward.

Try the product and I would appreciate any constructive feedback that will help me improve these projects.