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Christina Boyd

Christina M Allen

Hey! Christina here. Welcome to my Market Place. How's it going?

I am a fanatic with How To Guides and advice and arts and crafts are my favorite past times. Being able to make things from scratch brings a sense of accomplishment that is somewhat hard to describe. All I can say is it's an amazing feeling!

10 years ago I started using the internet as a way to make money and it was the best decision I ever made. Most of the companies I started out with have come and gone, however my knowledge remains.

Over the years, I have spent countless hours on learning how to maximize my efforts and the best ways to generate an income online

Now I'm out to help others find success by working online. And because I have such a wide range of knowledge and expertise in the work from home field, I am able to teach differently than the common "gurus" you may have run across online.

I am able to teach you how to make money online. Period. Unlike everyone else, to me, it does not matter if you "join" my programs or buy my products. Honestly, you don't have to. I am a firm believer in what works for ME, may not work for YOU. And vice versa.

It is my genuine goal to help others change their financial status, and you don't have to join my programs or buy my products for me to do that. As a matter of fact, the majority of my products are free! And are full to the brim with useful information that will help you further in your quest to make money online.

And yes, I do have products I charge for. Some are only a few dollars, while some will be in the $50 range. Buy it if you want to, just keep in mind that the ONLY time I will share a product with you that will cost any amount is if I totally believe that product has something you need so that you may establish a money making status quickly.

However, at the end of each day, my success comes from making you successful. Whatever that means to you. And the point I want you to understand is this: I don't need your money to teach you how to do what I do.

For 5 years I've been able to pay my bills and occasionally take a vacation. I'm able to stay home and spend all day, every day with my fur babies. I pretty much come and go as I please, and I am able to do whatever I want and go pretty much wherever I want. (I don't have very expensive tastes, a good trip to me is going to the mountains and hiking, swimming, or otherwise spending time in nature).

While I'm confident in my ability to teach you how to work from home, only you know what your work ethic is like, how motivated you are to make money, and how well you can work without having a boss telling you what to do.

Don't let anyone fool you. Granted it is much easier to make money online, but the fact remains: Work Is Work regardless where you do it at.

With that being said, thank you for checking out my profile. Feel free to connect with me on here or on Tsu (pronounced sue).


See You At The Top,
Christina M. Allen