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Garrett Daun

Garrett Daun

CEO of Command Z
If you’re like me, you’ve run the gauntlet of personal development, philosophy, self-growth, life change, brain change, religion, spirituality, extreme physical pursuits. When I first started searching for true brain and life change, I felt frustrated at every turn.

I wanted results, but what I found was mostly trash that took me further away from my goals. Most people and systems were just complicated fantasies designed to make you feel like something’s changing, and then you find yourself right back where you started.

When you’re finally willing to face that much of your life has been guided by forces outside of your control, then you’re ready to start dismantling your conditioning and building a life of your own making.

In all of my searching for powerful life enhancement techniques, I kept track of anything that has a real impact–that means when you do it, you get results.

After over 15 years of trying out everything I could get my hands on, I have the experience to know what works (.01%) and the guts to burn the rest (the other 99.99%), leaving you with exactly what you need to start living the life you really want.

What that means for you is radical changes in your life, faster and more smoothly than you ever imagined possible.