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Jeremy Gislason

Jeremy Gislason

CEO of Memberspeed and Co-Founder of SuccessHive.com with Simon Hodgkinson
Born from entrepreneurial stock, (Jeremy grew up immersed in his father's business from early childhood) Jeremy decided with the advent of the Internet to strike out on his own entrepreneurial journey: a journey that because of the advanced technology, afforded him the ability to pursue one of his other passions, travel. Jeremy lived in Japan for nearly a decade where he met his wife, and has traveled throughout most of Asia. He has since returned to the US, to be nearer his extended family, while raising their three lovely children.

Jeremy Gislason, is probably best know online, as a successful software and app developer, from which he has made millions.He is also recognized as one-half of the successful multi-million-dollar partnership he has shared with Simon Hodgkinson.

At Success Hive, you'll get an opportunity to discover, the nuts and bolts behind what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur from a unique under-the-hood perspective, provided by Jeremy. Throughout this site you will find wisdom and inspiration drawn from generations of smart entrepreneurial experience, practices, and the processes he uses to guide innovation.