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Advanced Journaling Techniques

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  • Take your journaling to the next level
  • Discover a simple yet profound to review your life, gleaning new insights and wisdom
  • Revisit significant moments in your life for further clarity and growth
  • Reflect on the different periods that have made up your life
  • Ever wanted to tell someone what you really think? This simple technique will allow you to do this in a safe way
  • Would you like to take your goal setting to a new letter? Discover a powerful technique on Card 5
  • Learn how to celebrate your achievements every week and month to encourage you on your journey
  • Ever find yourself stuck and not sure what to write? Card 7 has some tips that will help the words flow every time
This project is designed to provide more advanced techniques for those who have completed the ‘Beginners guide to Journaling’. Included in this project are time line reflection, retrospective journal entries, journaling prompts, weekly and monthly and more.

Advanced Journaling Techniques

by Kristen Hobby
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