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The Art of Persuasion

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  • Discover the four steps everyone undertakes when learning a new skill and how this can be applied in your business.
  • Learn the difference between persuasion and manipulation and the role of intention.
  • Explore some proven strategies to overhaul your website, blog or facebook page and engage your visitors like never before.
  • Discover why stories hold so much power and provide such potential for your marketing strategy.
  • Learn the technique of ‘transfer of power’ and discover how applying it to your business will bring instant credibility.
  • Discover the power of asking your customers the right questions
  • Learn one powerful strategy that will change your status in a room instantly.
Are you looking for some simple techniques and strategies to take your business to the next level? By using persuasion techniques the right way, you will engage your customers, bring credibility and improve all facets of your business. All of the ten techniques are quick to learn and mastering them will lead you improvements in (more)

The Art of Persuasion

by Dr. Joe Vitale & Kristen Hobby
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