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Charles Merkel

Charles R. Merkel

SmallBiz Certified Independent Associate
Born a shy introvert I grew up believing "someone like me" would never be good in sales. When life, and tough economic times, threw me into various sales positions I eventually learned my original ideology was wrong … way wrong. Shyness is a characteristic, that through training and experience, can be overcome. Strangers are simply friendly (and unfriendly) folks that haven't been sorted yet; and in most cases a simple introduction is all that is needed to tell the difference! I also learned introverted is a hard-wired characteristic, but properly applied it is a strength that can give me a significant advantage over my extrovert counterparts. How so? Introverts inherently listen better! In time I have learned I can sell anything, so long as it is something I truly believe in. Last year I made a significant career change. I joined the ranks of a national sales force with thousands of associates already in the field that, by the time I received my certification, had a 6-month head start. Even so, I finished the year #5 in my region and tied at #45 in the nation, in our most profitable product line. This year I have my eyes on #1!