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Simpleology for the Direct Sales Professional

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  • Want to know what one change can double, or even quadruple your close ratio? Check out Card #7!
  • Do you feel like your sales efforts are all pain and no gain? Card #3 will show you how to find out why, and what to do about it!
  • How do you garner so much admiration in your (future) Clients eyes they're sending 'you' Christmas cards? Find out on Card #5!
This project is intended for the sales professional who knows they are capable of achieving more than their current commission check reflects. By incorporating proven sales methods and techniques into the Simpleology platform, good sales habits will soon become routine and greater levels of sales success will become (almost) automatic! Prepare to close more business, (more)

Simpleology for the Direct Sales Professional

by Charles R. Merkel
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