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Christy Hoffman

Christy Hoffman

Executive funDiva
Hey there this is funDiva Christy Hoffman.

Every day, I explore, learn and MacGyver little things that make my life better. I am fascinated by details and like to learn as much as I can, as fast as I can about any topic that sparks my interest - I apply what I have learned, test, experiment and improve - and then just as quickly, move on to the next project or subject.

As a result, I have a vast knowledge with pretty darn good detail on a huge variety of topics. I love being able to share what I learn and trial myself, I find it fun, and I am certain that many other people do not enjoy the discovery process themselves, they just want a good solution.

Which is why the Simpleology Marketplace is such a great fit for me. I now have the freedom to jump from topic to topic at will, I don't have to be concerned with staying in one niche, and I can fulfill my love of teaching and helping people who's brains are wired normally, unlike mine!

Personal Info:
I live in Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada USA with my even more fabulous husband and best friend Mike, our spunkasquirm kitteh Princess Megan Wonderful and fluffatronic kitteh Elkay. I have a degree in Math with a minor in Physics and love the internet and related geek stuff. For bonus funding I occasionally work (if you can call it that) as a topless entertainer, the stripper kind, though I am primarily retired.

I aspire to be a globally famous personality – author, motivator, world peace leader and outrageous goofball. Mostly I would consider myself a salesperson & marketer, when I have something I believe in enough to market.