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Karen Ryce

The Miracle Worker of Education and Parenting
In 1973 I started a Montessori school with my ex-husband. In 2017 my youngest grandson ‘graduated’ from that school. During the years I worked there, I discovered a solution to the problems and struggles I witnessed between adults and kids. It earned me a spontaneous standing ovation when I shared this solution with elementary school kids. Parents and teachers have told me, even written of their successes using this method. I’ve given workshops, trainings, online and in-person. I’ve put all my ebooks, videos, audios, articles, trainings and other creative efforts sharing this method, into a member site called Happy Kids Member Site. This Harmonize With Kids Project continues my efforts to help all kids grow up happy, respectful, confident.
Kids love this method! Period. Because of the positive results I have achieved with kids, I’ve been called the Miracle Worker of Education and Parenting. One teacher who sat in on a session I did with three of her students, proclaimed, “That is a miracle!”