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Harmonize With Kids in 12 Easy Steps

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  • Respectful Kids: You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to make respectful behavior the norm with just one overlooked, but critical, adjustment. ( found in the attachment to card 2)
  • Are you concerned with the stress of dealing with a 2-year-old? Eliminate that! (see the attachment to card 11)
  • Why everything you’ve learned about making kids behave is wrong when it comes to harmony, and what you can do instead. (Find the powerful question to ask yourself in the attachment to card 5 called Be Respect Is Your Foundation)
This program is specifically designed to help you create harmony with kids, without using punishment or feeling like you are losing out on what’s important to you. This program helps you build the foundation needed so your kids can thrive, a strong Missing Foundation! You create your own fail-safe. It can prevent you from slipping (more)

Harmonize With Kids in 12 Easy Steps

by Karen Ryce
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