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Are Your Voice Recordings Losing You Sales?

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  • The best microphone choices (and to how get pro results for less than you think)
  • What to use if you don't even have a mic budget (you'll be surprised at this)
  • Why you never need to use Audacity ever again (and you'll never go back once you see how this software works)
  • How to start recording professional voiceovers on your Mac or PC in less than 2 minutes
  • The most important decision to make before you even plug your microphone in (if you get this wrong, even a $1500 mic won't make a difference to your sound)
  • The easiest way to make your voice overs sound as smooth as the pro's (these are same techniques used by engineers and producers on countless hit records)
  • Why you never need to worry about recording your mistakes, (and breath's and pop's and clicks). Once you learn these insider tips you can relax every time knowing your finished recordings are gonna make you sound like a pro.
  • Plus more tips and techniques to get the best possible sound for your audios, videos and podcasts
  • BONUS 1: How to rescue a bad recording. This foolproof method will clean up your recordings to make sure the vocals are clear as a bell
  • BONUS 2: My personal rolodex of the top 9 royalty free public domain sites - free music for your voice productions
“I totally love the topic! I NEED this stuff. I will do this next time I do some voice over work … I think this will boost the quality of my recordings quite a bit.” ~ Mark Joyner – Founder Simpleology Discover the secret “voodoo” art of audio production and give your voiceovers & podcasts (more)

Are Your Voice Recordings Losing You Sales?

by Dave Dunn
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