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Help Your Child Beat Depression

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  • Learn how to recognise what are the true signs of depression in a child or adolescent, which are different to those of adults.
  • Get advice on how to access a diagnosis and treatment.
  • Get advice on dealing with your child's schooling during this difficult time.
  • Use the checklists to help you through the emotionally charged interactions with doctors and teachers.
  • Learn how to talk to your child about depression.
  • Get practical tips on how to support your child through their treatment—diet, exercise, changing their thinking, mindful meditation, etc.
  • Learn how to deal with any guilt you may carry and how to support yourself emotionally and physically through this difficult time.
  • Learn how to help your child change the voices of depression (uninvited thoughts) in their head into voices that are more loving, constructive, and happy!
  • Get tips on how to help your child cope with dark moods and painful emotions.
  • Learn specific metaphors that you can use as an ally to help beat your child's depression.
  • Learn how to help your child change their behaviors and actions first instead of trying to unravel them from their feelings connected to the depression.
  • Get tips on how to substitute praise and complements by using words of encouragement and reflection to build self-esteem and more confidence in your child.
  • Learn how to help your child tolerate uncomfortable feelings and become resilient in overcoming obstacles.
  • Learn mindfulness strategies to help you and your child observing negative thoughts in a non-judgmental way instead of attaching to them.
  • Get tips on how to use humour, smiling, and laughter to reduce stress, make you and your child feel happier and closer to you.
  • Learn how to be empathic to your child's emotions while simultaneously keeping a loving perspective that is separated to enable you to keep your energy unburdened, grounded and focused.
Dear Parent or Concerned One, I know how hard it is for parents who discover their children are suffering from depression. What can you do when you find out your child is depressed? Who do you go to for advice and understanding when you don’t know what to do? How do you know what to (more)

Help Your Child Beat Depression

by Dr Angel Adams, Phd. & Mark Jones
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