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How to Supercharge Your Mental Focus (For University)

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  • Build your super human focus and get that 90% again and again.
  • Enjoy that smug, pretentious smirk that comes with great grades (WARNING: Show off at your own discretion)
  • Understand the science of distraction and learn how to beat it on your own terms.
  • Take the power back from school! Live the dream life again.
  • Enjoy fun and rewarding techniques, why learn something if you wont have fun doing it ;)
  • Scholarships anyone?
Uni, the best of times, the worst of times, or is it? For me uni went from the best to the worst to the best again. And if you are in that “worst” part of your university experience, wouldn’t you say that it is about time you take back your joy? For the first few (more)

How to Supercharge Your Mental Focus (For University)

by Erik Huston
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