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Master Instant Rapport In 13 Simple Steps

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  • Get total strangers approaching you and talking to you like magic.
  • Impress women without even trying.
  • If you're in sales, you'll learn a sneaky trick for making more sales by breaking the dreaded 4 second barrier.
  • The "insult" I used to make a married woman come and find me, stroke my thigh, say a few sweet words, and leave a big payment in my hands.
  • What few words I wrote on a tiny scrap of paper that had a lovely woman running toward me and give me a huge hug.
  • What I said to turn rejection around completely, and had a gorgeous woman lingering in my arms, long before I really knew what I was doing!
  • A mindset which attracts the "right kind" of people and repels time-wasters and negativity.
  • The #1 Question you can ask that turns your unconscious mind into a 24/7 people magnet.
  • Why compliments don't work.
  • Why compliments SHOULD work, but almost always backfire.
  • How I turn celebrities and stars into my fans.
  • How to become more magnetic simply by paying attention to this one thing almost nobody notices.
  • How to maximize rare opportunities to connect with V.I.P.s
  • How to automatically program your mind for success while you sleep. (Learned from a multi-millionaire who built several successful companies)
  • Bonus: How to communicate that you're a leader before you've even said one word.
  • What a recent study proved you should do 5 minutes before you walk into the room for an important meeting.
  • Why old-fashioned methods from 1936 aren't working anymore.
  • Several simple ways to powerfully amplify rapport.
  • A simple method used by a $50 million dollar man to create trust in 4 seconds on the phone.
  • How to bring out your inner movie star.
  • The 30-second secret which got my student asked out that night.
  • For less than the cost of a dinner out, you'll discover winning conversational skills which get people chasing YOU!
A complete system giving you everything you need to get complete strangers to know, like, and trust you in 4 to 9 seconds. The most advanced techniques in the world for breaking the first impression barrier to get people talking to you and approaching you like magic. When you follow the incredibly simple steps, this (more)

Master Instant Rapport In 13 Simple Steps

by Roger Abramson
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