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[NLP] Get Unstuck with New Resources (Circle of Excellence)

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  • Get more of what you want from life by being the best you ever!
  • Find that charisma, charm, and grace under fire -- or whatever else you've ever felt or can imagine
  • Improve your physical health starting just 20 minutes from now
  • Improve your communications in speaking or writing by accessing your personal best
  • [Bonus] A billion dollar source of spectacular states, attitudes, and responses
In this project, you will learn a quick technique (about 15 minutes to learn and 5 minutes to execute) to make those difficult situations go more smoothly and easily. You’ll be able to access those resources and resourceful states you’ve already got — only now you can access them on demand, and even automatically, in (more)

[NLP] Get Unstuck with New Resources (Circle of Excellence)

by Dr.Wayne Buckhanan
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