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The Art of Negotiation

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  • Discover the first three important aspects of negotiation and how just applying these simple aspects will take you to the front of the line
  • Learn one powerful question to use in any negotiation that will save you thousands.
  • Discover the four ways to develop a powerful negotiator’s mindset for success.
  • Explore the difference between persuasion and manipulation and how to get it right every time.
  • Learn the five powers of successful negotiation that will transform your approach to life
  • Discover how your own self talk can be limiting your success and how to stop it in three easy steps.
  • Learn that confrontation is not a dirty word but rather an opportunity for better communication.
  • Adopt a toolkit of successful negotiation strategies you can apply in all areas of your professional and personal life.
Opportunities for negotiation are all around us. Use this simple 10 step project to boost your negotiation skills and increase your success. These skills are simple to master yet are powerful enough to be effectively used in all areas of your personal and professional life.

The Art of Negotiation

by Dr. Joe Vitale & Kristen Hobby
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