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The Ultimate Guide to Writing Powerful Sales Letters

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  • Learn to develop writing that outshines the competition and dazzles your readers.
  • This project will give you the edge you need to create successful and powerful writing .
  • This project invites you to THINK BIG about what it is you want to achieve in this life.
  • Learn secret ‘trigger’ words that make your readers keep coming back for more.
  • Discover the importance of getting out of your ego and into your reader’s ego and three simple questions to help you get there.
  • Apply a simple 8 step formula to create intimacy and trust in your buyers.
  • Uncover a simple three step process to motivate without pain.
  • Discover ways to untap the Master Writer within.
  • Learn what Mark Twain, Ernest Hemingway and Jack London can teach us today about the secret of great writing.
  • Apply five simple strategies to jump start your muse and untap hidden resources within.
  • Grab your reader’s attention with headline brilliance!
  • Tips and strategies to take your writing from good to sensational.
  • Discover foolproof ways to edit your writing and polish it to perfection.
  • Learn one simple secret tip that when applied rockets your conversion rates to new heights!
  • Uncover headline and opening statements that rivet your reader to the spot
  • Learn the five step formula for persuasion you wont read anywhere else.
This project has it all. It shows you in simple steps how to master and accomplish the three things you need from your prospects; Attention! Captivation! Action! You will learn how to create riveting, attention grabbing and engaging copy that will convince your buyers that your product or service will solve their problems and help (more)

The Ultimate Guide to Writing Powerful Sales Letters

by Dr. Joe Vitale & Kristen Hobby
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