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Write the Damn Book!

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  • Learn what 11-minute daily action will make writing your book *incredibly easy*.
  • Learn what specific subconscious fear is your biggest writing block - and eliminate it.
  • No idea what your book will be about? Find out why this doesn't matter.
  • Reading your whole book out loud sounds crazy? Find out why it's essential.
  • Learn how to become confident, even fearless, in your writing
  • A step by step guide to becoming an author: helping you Write the Damn Book!
Do you want to write a book? Have you tried to write a book and made no progress? Do you want to write a novel? A memoir? Or a book to advance your career? This project – from a prize-winning author and experienced creative writing tutor – breaks down the process of writing a book (more)

Write the Damn Book!

by Ros Barber
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