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The Everyman’s Superpower (Part 3: Your Resurrection)

(continued from Parts 1 and 2)

Resurrection is a daily occurrence.

You think it only happens in the movies … or in religious texts … but it’s not so.  It happens every day.

“The Everyday Miracle” haha.

Seriously though.  How does resurrection happen?

Say it with me …

The Everyman’s Superpower.

It’s funny.  Despite the incontrovertible evidence, some folks are “resurrection deniers.”  I have something they might like.

First …

Your Next 10 Second Mission

Answer:  If I had The Everyman’s Superpower, I’d ____________________.

Memory Joggers:  What area of your life could most benefit from a turnaround? (e.g. your finances, your business, your fitness, your self-esteem, etc)  What lingering unfinished project could most benefit from a superhuman blast of relentless focused action? (that book, that product launch, that home improvement project your spouse has been begging for, etc)

And if you’re in the mood for a little encouragement (breakfast of champions!), feel free to share your answer in the comments below.

“You’re not cheating the government.  You’re only cheating your body.”

That’s what our drill sergeants used to say if they suspected we were slacking off during PT.  In retrospect, there’s a whole lot of wisdom in that line.  Especially when you realize this whole “I don’t have to do the work” disease is one of the primary killers of human potential.

Now’s a good time to double check and make sure you completed the above exercise before continuing.

Done?  Let’s carry on.

OK …

Now, see what I did there?  I tricked you.

Here’s how:  I asked you to answer the question “if I had The Everyman’s Superpower.”

But as you know, you already have The Everyman’s Superpower.  Can you guess what it is now?

Ya know, maybe this is why resurrection stories are so unremarkable.  Sometimes they appear as “comeback stories.”  Sometimes they look like radical “pivots.”

These stories are so commonplace to recite them seems almost trite.  They are a Hollywood cliché.

“Yeah. Yeah.  Comeback story.  ’We are greater than we know.’ Blah blah blah.  I already saw that movie. Yawn.”

Crazy, right?

That’s like saying …

Pep Talk Narcolepsy

It’s weird.  These stories shouldn’t put us to sleep.  But they do …

Apple.  Left for dead by every tech pundit alive in 1985 after the firing of Steve Jobs.   “But to complete the portrait, you also need to picture the despairing founder curled in a fetal position, sobbing on a bare mattress in his mostly unfurnished house—which is how friends found him after Apple’s board fired him in 1985. ” (CNBC) Jobs came back.  Apple came back.  Hard.  As I write this Apple is the company with the largest market cap in history.  (Whatever else you think about Apple, the resurrection was miraculous.)

Kerri Strug.  In the 1996 Olympics she suffered a lateral ankle sprain on the vault.  She limped back to try again, scoring a 9.7 and the Gold for her country.

Mary Wesley.   Failed writer until her first novel was published at age 71.  Went on to sell millions of copies.

Grandmas Moses.  Arthritis forced her to give up her beloved embroidery at age 76.  So, she took up painting and filled 1,500 canvases before she died at a spritely 101 years old.  An Academy Award winning film was made about her life and one of her paintings sold for US $1,200,000 in 2006.

[Comeback Guy's Name Here.]   [Heartwarming story about beating all the odds and winning here.] [Our collective yawns here.]

Want to know what’s really crazy?

When we are impressed by these stories we poo poo them.

“Well, sure.  But he’s only successful because he ____________.”

  • had better parents
  • had a great mentor
  • was born when the moon is in Sagittarius

Hey, listen. Harry Bernstein didn’t publish his first book until he was 96.  He might look at Grandma Moses’s start at 76 and say, “Well … it’s only because she started so young!”

Strange Magic


I used to laugh at that word.  Now frankly, I don’t have a better one.  (It’s not The Everyman’s Superpower, but it is enabled by it.)

I mean, what better word is there for turning disaster into world domination?  What do you call it when all the “experts” say “it will never work” but you end up changing the world?  What other word do we have for flying in the face of every would-be-political-assassin/critic and turning public opinion in your favor?

Speaking of deep wisdom hidden in plain sight, this line from a commercial nails it …

“See, what every long-shot, come-from-behind underdog will tell you is this: The other guy may in fact be the favorite; the odds may be stacked against you.  Fair enough.  But what the odds don’t know is this isn’t a math test.  This is a completely different kind of test.”

What kind of test, exactly?  Good question …

See you in part 4,


P.S.  A gentleman messaged me on Facebook asking that I reveal The Everyman’s Superpower.  I told him I couldn’t do that, but I gave him a hint:  ”You already have it.”  He said, “Really?  I checked my emails and I don’t see it there.”  I said, “You don’t understand … You already have it.  You just don’t know how powerful it is.  It’s sitting there in the same box where you keep the rest of your tools, when it should be sitting by itself in the position of honor on your mantle.  And even if you knew what it was, you wouldn’t know how to use it.  That will change soon.”  He was annoyed, but I’m sticking to my guns.


  • Sean Patrick Simpson Close.  It’s a spoon.

  • Emad Al Bashesh Very soon :-)

  • Joseph A Pingel

    World domination!

  • Catherine Mosbeck

    Empower my mind to help me attain what I want in life. Have more confidence to allow that to happen

  • Peter D

    Build a strong business to provide for my family.

  • Linda Leonard

    Boost my business.

  • Robert Watkins

    fix my finances ! and get ahead !

  • Rose James

    Launch my start-up

  • TechUser

    Fix my finances!

  • Jason F.

    Become an inspiration to my children, spouse, and community.

  • Rosa Davis

    Pull the trigger and start my own business

  • Menno Tabbernal

    Take my business to the next level, this will improve my finances and give me more options in all other ares of my life

  • Alex Leadbetter

    Fix my financial situation

  • Lynda Bowman

    Blast through my fears and make a million in real estate

  • Harry Cox

    Pursue my passions

  • Richard Muccillo MDDCM

    Underdog has an advantage–nothing to lose!

  • Jeffrey Thomas

    Be me

  • Um Faisal Ibrahim

    Be outragously wealthy, happy and healthy

  • Michelle Rasmussen

    Be financially free

  • Sebastino

    Share it.

  • Sebastino

    I like this

  • Nancy E. Randolph

    Work 4 day weeks, be less stressed and be debt free.

  • Spartan Racer

    I’d complete all of the open DIY projects around the house, sell it and buy a new one.

  • William Douglas

    be immensely, happy, healthy, wis and wealthy, fully able to pursue and achieve my interests and passions in life.

  • Lennie Conger

    I would like to become independently wealthy, in order to have the time to help our families to come together again, and to help others to achieve their dreams, and be able to find their freedom too. Oh and time for a little day dreaming for myself too. :-)

  • Joe

    be rich!

  • Clesia Mendes

    If I had The Everyman’s Superpower, I’d be more productive.

  • Michael Leister

    I would realize ALL of my dreams & aspirations

  • Rafael Cabo Lazaro

    If I had The Everyman’s Superpower, I’d get happy clients to work with me

  • Loto Vázquez

    If I had The Everyman’s Superpower, I’d bring my start up (hawimi) to benefit the whole world :)

  • Volodymyr Pedchenko

    Start building and enjoying my dream life

  • Hillary

    Be financially independent and write my book

  • Gary Rischitelli

    …spend my time doing the things I love. Not trading my time for money.

  • Rigo Guerrero

    Finish build out of basement, garage, and greenhouse.

  • Andrew Hussey

    Get serious about having fun

  • photinacook

    WHEN I gain this superpower IN THE SENSE OF proper perspective and actual use, THEN I will accelerate in transforming this world into a healthier more loving one in which there is less war, and Muslims achieve their glorious destiny of working hand in hand with Jews, Christians and the rest of the world to attain the greatest civilization ever.

    Among other things.

  • Kolja Lehmann-Muriithi

    Record an album

  • If I had The Everyman’s Superpower, I’d have my business run profitably without me and a highly sought after business consultant in Africa.

  • Deitrick Broussard

    If I had the everyman’s superpower, my insurance business would be thriving with a book of close to 3,000,000 in premium.

  • Carl Dickens

    When I realize that I have the Everyman’s Superpower, I will use it to improve my health (lose 20 lbs), business (5 new customers), and personal life (more time with family).

  • It’s NOT “If”, but it’s “BECAUSE” I have Everyman’s Superpower, I will earn more than 2.5 million dollars through my book sales, consulting/coaching business and speaking engagements to retire with at least 1.5 million dollars in savings, and tour all 75+ countries I once only worked in.

  • Terrific T

    As Everyman’s Superpower begins to unfold and shine in my life, I successfully create resources for a project I set aside years ago. A project to empower adults living with medically untreatable and medically uncontrollable seizures live happier, healthier lives.

  • David

    If I had The Everyman’s Superpower, I’d complete a leveraged business buyout.

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