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The Habit All Billionaires Have in Common

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Step 1. Accept the Challenge

Comment below with “I’m in!”

That’s it.

Step 2.  Flip the Morning Person Switch

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Step 3.  Get Motivation and Support

Come back to your original comment each day for the next 30 days and reply with a progress report.

Bonus:  Give your fellow morning people encouragement and “comment love.” (The person we deem to be the “most motivating” will get Simpleology Elite free for life!)

  • DavidNas Haha nice catch!  Billionaires have also apparently mastered time travel.  Figures.

  • Mark Jones You’re a beast! :-)

  • WinkJones Hey Wink!  On iPhone make sure you have the song in your Music collection.  Then when you set the alarm, edit it and you should be able to “select song” as sound.  (Doing this from memory, but something along those lines … please let me know if that doesn’t do it :-)

  • artelequia Actually, I would do the Scottish Shower as early as possible to make the neural connection of the effect and wake time more pronounced, but feel free to mix it up!

  • RedVanderbilt Unfortunately there are definite biological disadvantages to night work (I’ve been there!).  Just declare an “early” time relative to your start time, that (if possible) allows you to get up when there is still some sun so you can get sunlight on your face when you wake.  If that means you have to sleep exactly when you finish work, so be it.  The biggest trick is getting your sunlight requirement in *after* you wake up as the sunlight will trigger wakefulness.  But getting sunlight daily, in my opinion, is a major requirement for full health.

  • andreasandrews Marian Gurowicz   Awesome idea for you guys to buddy up.  Way to take the lead with the encouragement, Andreas!  Let’s see if we can get this house rocking.

  • artelequia Mark Joyner I would say if you’re already in the habit of working out in the morning, don’t mess with it!  The real key here is to start triggering a consistent biological response, and no matter what the triggers are …  it almost doesn’t matter.  We left exercise out of the mix entirely because that complicates things so much, but it’s a great option, too.  Do the cold shower after if that economizes time!

  • SergeKrasnay WinkJones Awesome option.  Another fun idea:  let’s all create some playlists on Pandora, Spotify, etc and share them – and share tech on how to tie them in to alarms on our phones.  Some folks will respond better to different types of music in the morning.

  • DavidNas I’m reading every one of these comments with great pleasure :-)  Sequence isn’t super important … Mix it up!

  • DavidNas But Start My Day should be last, of course … so you’re in peek mood doing Simpleology.

  • jillbinder Mark Joyner Hey Jill, I’d use the sun box for now … If it’s that dark outside the light is negligible, unfortunately.  But throw open those drapes anyway.  Get all of the above :-)

  • ladypoodle5 Never!

  • RonBarnhart Hey Ron, I’d certainly check with your physician if you’re at all concerned.

  • PeterFelsmann Lounge it up!

  • Karismac Without getting into it too deeply … strong arguments can certainly be made for both.  Do what makes you how you want to feel in any particular moment.

  • Karismac Mark Joyner Show us what you got! :-)

  • mmpare1 Way to go!  How would you rate your productivity now compared to your pre-White Belt days?

  • Thegothsheep

    I’m in

    • Thegothsheep

      Day 1: It was easier to get up than I thought, but I am still tired. I went through all the steps and feel pretty good, but the real test is going to be whether or not I end up exhausted half way through my work day… I guess I’ll tell y’all how that part went when I report in tomorrow.

    • Thegothsheep

      Day 2 and 3: I forgot to check in yesterday, so I’ll report on that today. So yesterday I work up feeling great and got a lot done, but at around 3 pm I suddenly crashed. My energy left me all at once and I felt crappy the rest of the day… today I feel good so far, but I’m concerned about yesterday’s crash because I’ll be at work at 3 today…

  • Cara Behncke

    I’m in. I have wanted to not only get out of bed early each morning but also have a solid routine each morning instead of fluffing. I am really enjoying simpleology… thanks guys xx


    I’m in

  • Jarusnice

    I’m in

  • Tasha

    im in

  • Jessie

    I’m in

  • Rose James

    I’m in

  • jaime arellano

    I’m in

  • Darlie Genandoy

    I’m in

  • Sudheer Dunga

    I’m in

  • Aubin Katuku

    I am in

  • I’m in.

  • kilmor77

    I’m in

  • VRC4711

    I’m in.

  • Joe

    I’m in!

  • Brenda Bertrand

    I’m in

  • Richie Girrard

    I am in, let’s do it!

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