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How to Live the Perfect Life in an Imperfect World

I want to live the perfect life.  The only way to live the perfect life is to live it in seclusion.  I have always hated crowds.”

I used to find those words of 19th century child prodigy William J. Sidis eccentric.  Silly even.

“Da Vinci himself was a social wizard.  Sidis was just weak,” I pronounced at 14.

Later in life, as the voices of others (friends, family, fans, frenemies) began to drown out my own, I understood.  Everyone has an opinion.  One of the great catalysts of genius is the habit of valuing one’s own thoughts.  Far easier to do this in seclusion.

At one particularly low point I drove for hours and hours listening to As a Man Thinketh over and over again.   It’s one thing to know, intellectually, the power of your own thoughts.  It’s another to know it in your bones.  My bones needed to know.

And it worked.  It snapped me out of my funk and gifted me the confidence to create with conviction once again.

This is why As a Man Thinketh is our 2nd instalment of the Simpleology Passive Mastery™ Series.

It’s the perfect message for this new technology.  Let our mind-bending audio tech push your belief in yourself to the level of “unconscious competence.”

Simpleology Passive Mastery™ Series:  As a Man Thinketh <— free download

P.S.  ”My mind has been shifted in a way I just can’t explain.”  That’s what one of your fellow Simpleology enthusiasts had to say about our first instalment of the Passive Mastery™ series.  And he’s far from alone.  We may be on to something here …


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