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The Everyman’s Superpower (Part 2: Our Banged Up Lives)

(continued from Part 1)

Bootcamp is not a correspondence course.

It’s one helluva right of passage, but you’ve got to physically be there.  No way around it.

Even though this little Simpleology tribe of ours is so close-knit, we’re not all in the same location.  So, we have to employ some tricks to make this long-distance rite of passage work.

For example – before we begin, I’d like to send you on a 20 second mission …

Can you guess what The Everyman’s Superpower is yet?  

Even if you can’t, scroll to the bottom and post your best guess.  

Yes, if you get it right I’ll give you more than just a nod.  You might even get something nice just for trying. More about that later.  For now, just play along.  It’s part of the process, so please … really do this now.

Mission accomplished?

OK, let’s continue …

Look, rites of passage by definition, have to be both challenging and transformative.  (Bootcamp and the like are as tough as our modern sensibilities will tolerate.  We can’t dangle young kids over volcanoes to teach them self-reliance anymore.)

So, I have to warn you now: I’m going to play with your mind – hard – over the next few posts.

Take the above mission, for example.  Why did I ask you to hazard a guess?  Well, I know if I can pique your curiosity, and more importantly your active curiosity, this lesson is far more likely to stick.  (Hey, it’s a little more humane than dangling you over a volcano.  You’re welcome.)

I will explain a few of the things I’m doing to your mind as we go along.  Some of it, though, will be pure stealth.  Along the way I’m going to be dropping clues in very unlikely places.  And here again, some will be overt and some will be stealth.  (A huge clue is stealthily buried somewhere above, for example.  Did you catch it?)

Now, some folks (not you, of course), will scream that it’s not fair.  ”You tricked me!”

Yep.  Guilty.  Fair warning has been issued, so let the (mind) games begin …

Rites of passage can take many forms and ours can be viewed as a guided archeological expedition.

If you play along to the end you’ll know The Everyman’s Superpower.

But you won’t just know it.  You’ll know it such that you will never forget it.

What we are searching for is no less than an explanation for our past failures – and the key to our future success.

No matter what has happened in our lives thus far … No matter how old we are … No matter how deep our scars … The Everyman’s Superpower trumps all.

It has the power to redeem past mistakes – and to transform tragedy into triumph.

Now some folks (not you, of course) might say …

“How dare you.  You don’t know my life.  You don’t know what I’ve been through.”

And they’d be right.  I don’t.

But there is something I do know.

Giving up is how most failure happens, of course.  It’s easy to forget that when we are under the hypnosis of the past.

How then, do we remember?

More about that in Part 3 …


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