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All Hail HIME (New Start My Day Prioritization Module)

HIME is an acronym we use around here for “High Impact Minimal Effort.”

More than a prioritization method, it’s almost a way of life.  It’s all about choosing “thing to do” that are the best combination of high impact and minimal effort.  Of course that’s the most obvious best choice, but very few of us act on this dictum.

The HIME method forces you to make intelligent decisions about “what’s next.”

You simply rate your list of “stuff to do” by impact and ease.  Then, you multiply the two numbers together and there’s your HIME score.

Then, to decide what to work on first, simply pick the item with the highest score.

Simple.  Elegant.  Crazy effective.

Months ago we gave everyone a spreadsheet to automate this process, but you weren’t satisfied with that and neither were we.  Now you can use HIME, and two other prioritization methods, right inside Start My Day.

The new “Prioritize” module inside Start My Day (available for Simpleology Elite account holders) allows you to end Start My Day with your choice of one of the following three prioritization tactics.

Free Form

As the name suggests, this method allows you to drag and right-click-sort your targets in whatever order you see fit.


This is my personal favorite and the favorite of everyone here …

HIME Start My Day Module

Use our convenient slider to select the impact score and the ease score.  Then click “sort” and your list will be sorted by HIME score instantly.

Can it get any easier?

Big Rock / Little Rock

Some productivity gurus say “start your day with the hard stuff” (like Brian Tracy’s Eat That Frog method).  Some say “do the easy stuff first.”

Who’s right?

Personally, I think neither – that’s why I invented HIME.  But some folks swear by these two methods and we want to make life easy for them, too.  You simply rank each Target by difficulty and then choose whether you want to sort the hard stuff (“big rocks”) or easy stuff (“little rocks”) first.


Remember, if you don’t have a Simpleology Elite account, don’t worry.  That’s why we have a 30 Day Free Trial.   If you are not getting at least 10 times your monthly investment back (or if you’re not happy for any reason), just contact our Customer Care team and cancel.    Easy.  (Are you seeing a theme here?)

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