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How I Use Simpleology to Manage My Affirmations

Maybe you don’t “believe” in affirmations.

Personally, I think they can be an exteremely powerful tool for personal transformation, but …

… only if done right!

More about that in a moment.

For now, let’s talk about how to manage them inside Simpleology.  You can use this little trick in many interesting ways …

(Can you think of some?  Tell me in the comments.)

Step 1.  Go to Lists … Then … Recurring Tasks

(or just click here)

Step 2.  Add a New Recurring Task Called “Affirmations”

(or whatever you prefer to call it … e.g. “daily words that stoke me!”)

Step 3.  Hover Your Mouse Over Your New Recurring Task to Bring Up the Options Overlay

Step 4.  Click the Subtasks Icon

Step 5.  List Your Affirmations as Subtasks

(Personally, I wouldn’t do more than 5 at a time, but hey, this is your tool to use as you see fit.  That’s why Simpleology is infinitely customizable.)

Step 6.  Go to Start My Day and Turn on the Recurring Tasks Module

Voila!  Now, every time you do Start My Day you’ll see the option to add this to your Daily Targets during the Recurring Tasks step.

One of the absolutely essential keys to using affirmations effectively is consistency.  No consistency, no effect.  Now you can make sure you do your affirmations every single day without fail.

What are the other essential keys to making affirmations work?  That’s a story for another post … Stay tuned.

For now, go do this! 

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” – Og Mandino

P.S.  If this is all over your head … Just log in and click the “do today’s training” button in the upper right.  Step-by-simple-step we’ll turn you into a Simpleology Black Belt.  (Why?  Well, we’ll double your productivity and cut your work day in half.  And that’s just the first 48 hours …)

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  1. Mark Joyner says:

    BradleyWoods Interesting … do you add affirmations that often?  Personally, I recommend using fewer affirmations more often.  I think that’s where the real juice is.  I see people running these huge lists and I wonder if there is any real impact on the subconscious mind?

  2. Matthew Johnson says:

    Mark Joyner – what would you say is a good amount of affirmations to be reviewed daily?

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