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The Trump Card for Chaotic Times

These are chaotic times.

Technology is changing the world faster than our governments can regulate …

Trust in society’s foundational institutions is at an all time low …

Automation is displacing jobs by the millions …

Chaos is here, folks.  It’s time to face it.

So, what do we do?

I’ll tell you the wrong thing:  giving up and giving in to despair.

Do … not … do it.  It’s never a good idea.  And no one will ever respect you for it.

So … what then?

Well, the problem with chaos is that it’s inherently almost impossible to know how to prepare.  But … there are foundational improvements we can make in ourselves that will radically improve our chances of thriving.  Taking your health seriously and getting yourself in the best shape of your life is one.  Mastering the art of effortless relentless focused action is another (hint:  get your Simpleology Black Belt!) …

But there is one skill that is the “trump card” for chaotic times.  Can you guess what it is?

Give me your best guess in the comments below.  Everyone who guesses will get a $100 coupon code good for any of our Legacy Courseware products (even if you guess wrong).

And the first person to guess correctly will get a 1 hour live consultation with me ($10,000 value).

Have fun! :-)


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