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Flip This Switch? Game On! Leave It Off? Game Over.

It’s axiomatic …

“You will rise or fall to the level of your thinking.”

Many variations of those words have been uttered by scholars, scientists, and sages throughout the ages.

Think big.  Get big results.  Think small.  Get small results.

Oh, I know … I know … I can hear some folks saying it already.

“But Mark!  That’s OK for some people.  I will never be that big.  It’s just not in me.”

First off … hogwash.  I know for a fact you are much greater than you know.  But put that aside for a minute.  Consider:

“Shoot for the moon.  Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”

- Norman Vincent Peale

 Let’s put it another way … Imagine your potential is the green circle.

If your thinking is as small as the yellow circle, you’ll never reach your potential.  If your thinking is as big as the blue circle, maybe you’ll miss – but at least you’ll reach your full potential.

And maybe … just maybe … you’ll surprise yourself to discover your “potential” is way beyond anything I can diagram here.

Either way … Think big!  It’s an essential switch you need to flip.  If you don’t, it’s like handcuffing yourself and forgetting you hold the key.

So, how does one think big?

The Magic of Thinking Big is the go-to book on the subject.  It’s an essential read.

But you don’t have the time to read the whole book.  Simpleology Summaries to the rescue!

Simpleology Summaries:  The Magic of Thinking Big <— download now (it’s free)

You’ll learn all of this in minutes

  • The four types of excuses and the surprisingly simple way to abolish them from your life forever
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  • The four types of “fear fertilizers” almost everyone feeds themselves daily
  • And more …

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