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Battlefield 2021: Part 6 – Your Ultimate Weapon

(Continued from Parts 1234, and 5.  Please read them first.)

If you could lose all of your assets in a market correction … (ask anyone who lost their life savings in one of the last few)

If your currency could be rendered valueless overnight … (ask anyone who was a cash billionaire in Cuba before Castro took over … or in Iraq before Hussein was hung … or … etc. etc. etc.)

If you could lose your job with no warning (ask any of the millions who lost their jobs to automation over the last decade)

If even your hard assets can be seized by the government at any time … (google “eminent domain”)

What can you possibly do to provide security for the ones you love?

Well … what if you had a cash machine?

You think I’m kidding, right?

I’m actually not …

Cash machines exist.

And no, I’m not talking about ATMs.

I’m talking about something just like an ATM that sits in your house.

Instead of putting money in, and getting money out …

You put in …

  • time
  • energy
  • imagination
  • persistence
  • a love of service

… and …

Out pops cash.


You didn’t know such machines existed?

Sure you did … they’re called … businesses.

And yes, you can start one at any time.  And … you should.

Indeed, with today’s volatility … I think you’d be crazy not to.

Think about it … if your currency is rendered valueless … if your job is made obsolete by automation … if your investments are wiped out … wouldn’t you like a way to start generating cash instantly?

A business allows you to do just that, but you don’t need just any business.

You need what I call …

… a “lifeboat business.”

A lifeboat business is a business that focuses primarily on two things and two things only:

  • systems

… and …

  • culture

See, in the same way your cash could be rendered obsolete or wiped out overnight, so too …

  • your product

… and …

  • your marketing plan

… be rendered overnight by the same forces of volatility.

So, how do you build a lifeboat business?

Click below and read on …

The Business Growth Habit (New! Version 3.1)

Designed to build an “anti-fragile” Lifeboat Business that thrives during times of uncertainty.  Download it now for free.

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