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The Scientifically-Proven Perfect Profile Pic in 8 Steps

The profile picture is the modern day Universal Passport.

A Singaporean passport, for example, will get you into 132 countries in the world – visa-free!

A passport from Afghanistan, on the other hand, will only get you into 5.

Your profile pic is your passport to …

  • better business opportunities  (translation:  more money) 
  • better lovers (translation … you’ll figure it out)
  • better friends  (your tribe can be wind in your sails, or shackles on your feat)

Whether it’s Tinder, LinkedIn, or Facebook … your profile pic matters.  A lot.

Science has shown that people will judge you based on your profile pic in 0.4 seconds.

“It’s OK.  In time, they’ll learn how awesome I am.”

Maybe … but the Journal of Current Psychology has presented evidence that this first impression is only likely to change by a maximum of 10%.

Let that sink in for a minute.

Stunning, isn’t it?  What’s even more stunning is that very few of us put much effort into our profile pics at all.  And those of us who do generally judge our photos ourselves or “ask for opinions from friends” … and science has also shown that neither of these approaches is likely to improve the actual effectiveness of your photo.

What is?

This handy little FREE report will show you 8 steps, based on well confirmed science, for radically multiplying the success of your profile photo:  even if you are physically unattractive!

The Surprising Science of Taking the Perfect Profile Picture in 8 Steps
download now (while it’s free)

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