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Your Personal Jerry Maguire (minus the neurosis and self-pity)

Dear Productivity Hackers,

We ended last year with a mad rush of new features. Things are going to happen even faster in 2012.  We have some seriously cool stuff to show you, and it’s going to keep on coming.

But first, “help me help you” …

Think of me as your personal Jerry Maguire (minus the neurosis and self-pity).

But seriously … Here are some questions to get you started:

How are we doing?  If it were up to you, what features would you add?  Are you using up all of your votes on the feature request board?  Are there any feature requests you feel should have received higher attention?  Do you like the direction we’ve been moving in?  What can we do to make you a paying customer?

Don’t hold back.  Lay it on me in the comments below.

And hear me now:  I want to turn Simpleology into the greatest productivity tool on the planet.  Short of a neural-implant-Wimiki guiding you through your day, what will that near-perfect tool look like?

I’ll do my best to respond to everyone directly.  I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to do that as we get more and more popular, but I still personally read every single blog comment and feature request.

P.S.  Want a little sneak peak of what’s coming?  Wimiki for iPhone and Android is right around the corner … More Advanced Start My Day modules … More convenience-features galore … And that’s just a tiny fraction of what’s in store.  It’s going to be so awesome that our dev team kinda looks like this all day …

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