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Free Money to Grow Your Business – Part 1: The Magic Words That Get You Funded

He crammed another piece of free sushi into his mouth, took another sip of free champagne, nodded vigorously and said …

Even after surviving two “bubbles” the tech startup world is prone to excess.  Yes, it’s far more battle-hardened.  Yes, frugality is much more highly valued now.  But it’s hard to not go hog wild when so much free money is floating around.

Even with my role in making all this happen (the world still calls me the “father of online marketing,” which is nice), in some ways I’ll always be a bit of an outsider in the startup world.  Even though most Internet companies use growth tactics my team and I pioneered, there is a fundamental difference in the way we do business that is very hard to duplicate.

See, I fund all my startups out of my own pocket.  And if I don’t want to spend, I’ll “generate” the funds out of “thin electrons.”  I do this by creating a product, creating a campaign, and selling my ass off until I reach my target number.  It’s how I started the first ebook publishing company in history over two decades ago.  It’s how I started Simpleology.  It’s how I start most all of my businesses.

I like this method because it allows me to retain all of the control and all of the profit.  My method can be duplicated, but it’s much harder than the more common, and wiser, path:

  1. Start with the “big idea” (everyone has at least one)
  2. Hone your pitch
  3. Pitch your idea to investors
  4. Get funded

Poof!  With the magic of “other people’s money” you have turned the “excruciatingly-painful-bordering-on-impossible” into the “very difficult.”

Yes, even most funded startups fail, but those failures are far easier to bounce back from than the completely self-funded failures.  And the importance of wise counsel from battle-hardened investors can not be downplayed.

There is a lot of free money floating around right now.  Obscene piles of it, actually. Even during all this “economic turmoil” folks with the ideas and the gumption can easily get their big dreams funded.

Well, easy if you know the right things to say.  Say the “magic words” and the eyes of investors will light up like a Christmas tree.  Say the wrong thing and they will ruthlessly eat your lunch.

But don’t worry.  We’ve got you covered.  To learn those magic words and much more, we put together a brand new free resource for you called …

Free Money to Grow Your Business <— free PDF and MP3 downloads

  • The little known secret to getting funded without debt
  • The “invisible deal killers” most startups unwittingly put in their pitch
  • Bad credit and drowning in debt?  Think you can’t get funded?  Think again!
  • How to get your pitch in front of 50,000 investors in the next 24 hours – without leaving your home
  • And much more …


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  1. Mavia Fletcher says:

    It’s truly simple!

  2. Thanks Mark! So TRUE….

  3. Franky says:

    Love this blog!

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