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The Real Jedi Mind Trick?

Waves hand …

“These are not the droids you’re looking for.”

Sadly … well, perhaps thankfully … real persuasion is not so simple.

As far as I know, one can’t simply wave their fingers and change someone’s mind.  (If you know for a fact I’m wrong … call me ;)

There are, however, some legitimate ways to “hack” into the minds of the unaware and literally “install” beliefs.

If you think that’s bulls*** I offer the following as proof:  the entire fields of Public Relations, Advertising, and Marketing.

How is this proof?  Well if, for example, advertising didn’t work … businesses wouldn’t spend money on advertising.  (Well, maybe they would, but they wouldn’t for long.  Otherwise, the money would run out.  See what I mean?)

As a former military intelligence operative, I can tell you that there are also folks in other (less visible) professions quite skilled in these “grey arts.”

What you’re about to read may not be “the” Jedi Mind Trick, but it certainly qualifies as “a” Jedi Mind Trick.

I’ve been studying persuasion for over 40 years.  This was brand new to me and genuinely blew my mind.  You can use it to instantly change what people (potential clients … potential friends … potential lovers …) think about you.

The Real Jedi Mind Trick
download now (while it’s free)


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