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Did Oxford University Just Validate the “Seduction Community”?

Confession:  I’m a secret fan of the “Seduction Community.”

And for reasons that run a bit deeper than you may think.  Read on …

In my position, I get to meet folks from almost every walk of life imaginable.  From devout Communists to die hard Libertarian patriots … From Post Modernist Feminists to Men’s Rights Activists … From Muslims to Christians to practitioners of “Ancient Druidism” …  There are folks in all of these groups I consider “good friends.”

So, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that I am also close with quite a few “seduction gurus.”  (Even though such associations are anathema to my friends in formal academia.  The professors who use my books in their classrooms would never mention that one of their textbook authors rubs elbows with … pick up artists! Gasp!)

But here’s the thing … These guys deserve more respect than the “mainstream” gives them.  Much more.

I’ve always known that a great deal of what they teach is, from a science of persuasion perspective, quite valid.

But it wasn’t until I found myself single again in 2012 that I validated it on a, ummm … let’s say “empirical” level.

At that point I hadn’t dated in over 10 years and I needed a bit more help than I thought I would.

A couple of my “seduction guru” friends took the time to “get my mind right”.  They showed me the ropes.  They revealed truths to me that were quite genuinely surprising.  (If you act the way mainstream culture tells you to act, for example … well, you may as well spray yourself with a full can of Weapons Grade Female Repellant.  That’s how deep the lies go.  I feel terrible for the guys who still believe that stuff.  It gives you a serious social handicap.)

And look. This stuff isn’t just for guys who want a “love ‘em and leave ‘em” lifestyle.  If what you want is a “serious healthy relationship,” you still need to understand the same things.  If you don’t, you’ll end up being “dog meat” for women.  Trust me.  In my experience, most women are hard wired to chew up and spit out men who don’t know how to play “the game.”  (And if your current committed relationship isn’t working, this stuff can help explain why.)

What follows is a brief HIME-style (High Impact, Minimal Effort) summary of “seduction basics”.  This is the stuff that:

- I can personally assure you works

… AND …

- Has, in fact, been validated by formal academia

Yes, there is much more to learn than the following 3 step formula will teach you, but … learning it will put you miles ahead of most in short order.

Did Oxford University Just Validate the “Seduction Community”?
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