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Simpleology 5.6: Rituals

As you learned in Parts 1 and 2, your life is defined by your rituals.

Your daily life rituals can make you fat, sick, and broke … Or healthy, wealthy, and wise.

Change your rituals.  Change your life.

Easy to say.  Not so easy to do.

The solution to this problem was shockingly simple.  It’s called “Phased Linear Prompting™” and it’s the basis of our new app:  Rituals (by Simpleology).

Here’s how it works …

Science shows there are four “mental muscles” that fatigue when learning a new ritual (decision fatigue, will power fatigue, cognitive capacity fatigue, and focus fatigue).

It’s no wonder changing a daily ritual is so hard.  With four ways to go wrong, failure seems inevitable.

Enter Rituals (by Simpleology).

Like most elegant solutions, it doesn’t seem like it would work.

If you had never heard of “leverage,” you would doubt that a weak man could lift many times his own weight just by putting a stick on a fulcrum.










But he can.

Put one way, this new app gives you leverage over the process of acquiring new rituals.









Really it’s more like a bio-mech suit that prevents all four types of the aforementioned fatigue.










By simply taking the steps of any given ritual …

… and presenting each step in linear fashion …

… you remove all four types of fatigue that make the acquisition of new rituals difficult.  The solution was so simple.  We were as surprised as you’ll be.

You can use this method to easily acquire new rituals of any type.

  • Morning rituals …
  • Pre-game rituals to get yourself “in the zone” …
  • Pre-negotiation rituals to make sure you always get the best deal possible …
  • Pre-dating rituals to make sure you show off your best self …
  • Pre-workout rituals to create motivation for going to the gym out of thin air …

The app comes pre-loaded with 3 extremely useful rituals to get you started.  (One will prevent you from ever cheating on your diet again …  Another will get you the best night sleep ever …)

But you can use it to create as many custom rituals as you like, for whatever purpose.

The app works on iPhone …

… and the web version works on Android and in your (mobile or desktop) browser.

That way, you can comfortably create new rituals on your desktop …

… and then conveniently pull them up on your phone.

The whole system is the first ever stand-alone addition to Simpleology.  It exists in a vacuum by design.  When you are using the app, it keeps you focused on one thing and one thing only:  the ritual.

“It’s free for everyone?  How do I get it?!”

Keep your eyes on your inbox for your “Invitation to Upgrade” email.  We’re rolling out 5.6 to groups of 10,000 users at a time so we can keep the system rock-solid stable and make subtle improvements along the way based on your feedback.

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  1. Mark Joyner says:

    tonylotven Stay tuned! :D

  2. Mark Joyner says:

    Mark Jones nailed it, as usual :-)

  3. Janeson Keeley says:

    Definitely need a cure!

  4. Andrea says:

    So I don’t have a phone – and don’t sit at a desk… Is there a manual way to do this?

  5. Annemarie Galvin says:

    Looking forward to applying this to my life.

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