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A Perfect Curriculum for Aspiring Capitalist Pigs

I get it.

You want to be filthy rich.

But that involves lots of reading and hard work.

Are there any shortcuts?

First, about the hard work …

Sorry.  There’s nothing we can do about that.  If you’re not ready to bust your ass, go get a day job.  Seriously.  You’ll save a lot of humiliation and suffering.

There are, however, ways to work more intelligently and radically speed up the process.

If you log in to Simpleology every day you’ll get more done in two hours than most get done in a week.  (No kidding.  That’s actually a common reaction we get.)

And if you do Start My Day with the Business Growth Module turned on, we’ll even guide you through a daily set-and-forget ritual that grows your business for you.

So, we’ll help you get there the fastest way possible … with the least stress possible … but let’s not harbor any illusions.  You’re going to have to work your ass off.

Well, probably … you might strike it lucky.

You might also be struck by lightning.  Or win the lottery.  Or be abducted by aliens.  Stranger things have happened.

Now, about those books …

We’ve got you covered.

Simpleology Summaries are cartoon summaries that will allow you to understand the most important parts of any book in about 5 minutes.

These 6 books are absolutely essential for anyone wanting entrepreneurial success.  We’ve packed the Simpleology Summaries for all 6 of them together in one handy reference.

Simpleology Summaries:
The Get Rich Summaries MultiPack
download now (while it’s free)

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