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2-Minute Personality Profile: The 5 Quit Monkeys

The 5 Quit Monkeys

The 5 Quit Monkeys operate primarily by stealth.


What’s a Quit Monkey?

My team just completed a deep dive into the available scientific literature to answer the age old question …

Why do people quit?

They performed an informal meta-analysis and identified the 5 archetypal causes of quitting.  Their findings were stunning.  Far more than the playful name we gave this suggests.

Want to find out which of those 5 “Quit Monkeys” are on your back?  It takes just two minutes …

Which of the 5 Quit Monkeys are On Your Back? 
free 2-minute personality profile

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  1. Nancy Larisey says:

    I over think everything! I suppose I want to make sure its the best decision. However, if I have too much information to decide on it only brings confusion because it delays the decision. Then that ties into the procrastination. Procrastination and indecision are kinsman and they often work together. Truly I’m not a quitter, However there are times I feel more than overwhelmed in the choices that accumulate. I can definitely see I need help in these areas as well as others. i take responsibility seriously and I do not want to do the wrong thing. So, that being said,I am a little lacking in the self-confidents area. Over all a pretty good assessment of my personality. Although, I feel like you left all my good qualities out. hehehahahe!

  2. Yanal Sago says:

    If the people of a country indulge in illegal sexual intercourse and practices usury of all kinds, Allah permits its destruction.

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