Monthly : August 2016

What Else is New in 5.7? (aside from changing the world)

A good friend sent me this message via facebook …

“So Mark … is Systems the ONLY new feature in Simpleology 5.7?”

A lesson in software development:  your users don’t see, or care about, the thousands of man-hours it takes to make things happen.  And frankly, it’s not their job to care.

I replied …

“Hahaha you mean aside from changing the way the world works – what have you done for me? :-) Hundreds of interface improvements, convenience features, and updates, dude!”

Some of these changes are pretty subtle unless you’re paying close attention.  What you will notice is that everything just works better.  And here are four brief highlights to give you a taste …

REMEMBER:  All blustery jokes aside … Simpleology Systems is the star of the show in 5.7.  If you have to pay attention to any new feature – pick that one.  It will change everything.

1) Manage Delegated Tasks via Email

When you receive emails about new delegated tasks, you can now manage them with one click inside the email itself!

2) Move Tasks to Projects via Options Overlay

Another way to meaningfully organize your thoughts, ideas, and to-dos … To help you unload stuff from “mental RAM” and stay on top of your game.

3) Add Attachments to Comments

4) Add Comments to Sub-Tasks

And as with most of our updates, none of them really require any learning curve.  That is, they are built in to the interface you already know and love.  Just use Simpleology as usual and you’ll notice them as you go.  ”Oh hey!  I can do that now? :-) Awesome!”  That’s the reaction we want you to have.

Log in now and play!

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