Alternatives to the Simpleology Browser Add-On

First, we strongly recommend that you use Chrome or Firefox with our Broswer Add-Ons for the best experience.


Well, we’re convinced of the technical and functional superiority of those two browsers.  Further, our browser add-ons will do everything below, and more, just by installing one little add-on with a single mouse-click.

But … if you’re a die-hard user of Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, etc. user, or if you don’t want to install an add-on for some other reason, we’ve got you covered.

Below is a very long set of installation and usage instructions for each method.  This handy table of contents will make sense of it all.  I don’t recommend reading the entire post from beginning to end unless you’re a tech nerd like us, in which case, enjoy …

Table of Contents

The Simpleology Omnibox Hack

Allows you to add items to your Dream Catcher by typing “dc {enter text here}” into your browser “omnibox” (AKA your “address bar”).

The Simpleology Browser Bookmarklet

Allows right click “save to Dream Catcher,” save current page to Dream Catcher, and the ability to add an item right from your browser toolbar from anywhere on the web.

Note:  the browser add-ons for Firefox and Chrome do all of the above and more without tricky instructions.   But, hey, we’re here to help either way.  If you have any trouble with these instructions, be sure to contact Customer Care.  They’re eager to help.

Simpleology Omnibox Installation Instructions


In Firefox, transforming your location/address bar into a Simpleology specific Omnibox is as easy as creating a bookmark and defining the “keyword” you want to use to trigger the save (to Dream Catcher) functionality.

1. Using your mouse, drag this link - Simpleology Omnibox - to your Bookmarks Toolbar.

If you do not see your Bookmarks Toolbar, reveal it by going to Views > Toolbars > Bookmarks Toolbar, or click on the orange Firefox logo in the upper-right corner of the browser, then Options > Bookmarks Toolbar, or right-click anywhere at the top of your browser until you bring up your view options, then click Bookmarks Toolbar.

2.  Once bookmarked, right-click on “Simpleology Omnibox” and select Properties

3.  Once Properties is open, in the field for Keyword: type dc, then click the Save button.

That’s it.  You’re done.


In Chrome, transforming your location/address bar into an Simpleology specific Omnibox is as easy as adding a new “search engine” to your Chrome’s “search engine list”.

1.  Click the Wrench icon in the upper-right corner of the browser.  From the menu that appears, select “Options”.

2.  Once you have “Options” open, view the “Basics” page (should default to this page automatically).

3.  Once on the “Basics” page of “Options”, click the “Manage search engines…” button.

4.  Once on the “Manage search engines” page scroll to the bottom of “Other search engines” until you see three input fields (labeled in bold below), and enter the following information into each field:

  • Add a new search engineSimpleology Omnibox
  • Keyworddc
  • URL with %s in place of query

5.  Once all three fields are populated with the above information, press your keyboard’s Enter/Return key to save your input.That’s it.  You’re done.

Internet Explorer

In Internet Explorer, transforming your location/address bar into an Simpleology specific Omnibox is as easy as “running” the file mentioned below.

1.  Click this file - ie_omnibox.reg - while viewing this page in Internet Explorer, where in Internet Explorer will ask you if you want to Download or Run the file.  Opt to Run the file.

2.  Running the – ie_omnibox.reg – file will prompt a “User Account Control” window.  Click, “Yes”.

3.  Confirming the “User Account Control” window will then prompt a “Registry Editor” warning.  Click, “Yes”.

4.  Confirming the “Registry Editor” warning will then prompt a confirmation message.  Click, “OK”.

That’s it.  You’re done.


Unfortunately Safari does not have built in Omnibox functionality.

However, if you are running Safari on Mac 5.0 (Snow Leopard) or 5.1 (Lion) you have the option of installing “Omnibar” -

Once you’ve installed “Omnibar”, simply provide it the following information:

  • NameSimpleology Omnibox
  • Keyworddc
  • Address

That’s it.  You’re done.


In Opera, transforming your location/address bar into an Simpleology specific Omnibox is as easy as adding a new “search engine” to your Opera’s “search engine list”.

1.  Click the “Opera” button in the upper-left corner of the browser.  From the menu that appears, select Settings > Preferences.

2. Once you have “Preferences” open, click the “Search” tab

3.  Once you have the “Search” tab open, click the “Add…” button.

4.  Once viewing the “Add…” dialog, populate the three input fields labeled in bold below with the following information:

  •  NameSimpleology Omnibox
  •  Keyworddc
  •  Address

5.  Once all three fields are populated with the above information, press the “OK” button, returning you to the “Search” tab.

6.  Once back on the “Search” tab, click the “OK” button to close the “Preferences” dialog.

That’s it.  You’re done.

Simpleology Omnibox Usage Instructions

Once you’ve created your Simpleology Omnibox, you can easily being using it by following these simple instructions:

1.  Press Ctrl+L (Windows) / Cmd+L (Mac) on your keyboard to quickly enter your browser’s location/address bar.

Alternatively you may use your mouse by clicking in your browser’s location/address bar.

2.  Once focused on your browser’s location/address bar, type the keyword “dc” (without quotes), then a space, then whatever text you want to save in your Dream Catcher.

Example: dc This is the text I want to save will save This is the text I want to save in your Dream Catcher.

3.  Once you’ve typed out the text you would like to save to your Dream Catcher, press your keyboard’s Enter/Return key.

That’s it.  Whatever you typed will be saved to your Dream Catcher.

Simpleology Browser Bookmarklet Installation Instructions


1. Right-Click and Copy This Link

2. Select: Bookmarks > Show All Bookmarks > Import and Backup > Import Bookmarks from HTML… Paste link into “File Name” field.

3. The “Simpleology” folder appears under Bookmarks Menu > Drag “Simpleology” folder to Bookmarks Toolbar

Your done.


1. Right-Click and Copy This Link

2. Select: Wrench Icon (upper right corner) > Bookmarks > Bookmark manager > Organize > Import Bookmarks from HTML file… Paste link into “File Name” field

3. “Simpleology” folder appears under Bookmarks bar -> Imported > Drag “Simpleology” folder to Bookmarks bar > (Optionally Delete “Imported” folder)

Your done.

IE (can not import)

1. Select: Favorites > Organize Favorites… > New Folder -> Enter “Simpleology” as the name > Drag/move “Simpleology” folder to “Favorites Bar” > Close the Favorites Organizer >

2. Open this file in an IE browser window

3. Drag each of the links in the attached file to your newly created “Simpleology” folder appearing in your “Favorites Bar”

Your done.


1. Gear Icon (upper right corner) > Show Menu Bar > File > Import Bookmarks

(select this link )

2. Under BOOKMARKS, drag the newly imported “Simplology” folder to “Bookmarks Bar” under COLLECTIONS

Your done.


1. Opera button (upper left corner) > Bookmarks > Manage Bookmarks… > Import Firefox Bookmarks…

(select this link )

2. Open “Firefox bookmarks…” -> “Simpleology Bookmarklet” to find the folder “Simplology” > Drag the “Simplology” folder to the “Opera” folder > Right-Click on the “Simplology” folder > Show on Bookmarks


Simpleology Browser Bookmarklet Usage Instructions

  • Add Item – whatever text they enter into the prompt ends up in their Dream Catcher
  • Save Page – optionally add a comment = comment + URL, otherwise page title + URL are saved to Dream Catcher
  • Quick Link – opens new tab to Dream Catcher
  • About – just the copyright info and link to home page
  • “Right-Click” option -> When text is selected on the page, the User may click the “Add Item” bookmark to savethe selected text to their Dream Catcher

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