Monthly : May 2012

Kicking Off the New Simpleology: Mobile Wimiki

Simpleology Mobile Apps - iPhone, iPad, Andriod

The first in a long line of new releases we plan to deliver over the next few months was built in response to our most popular request:  mobile support for iPhone, Android, and iPad.

Today we bring you the Wimiki Mobile.  (Available for Pro and Elite accounts.)

It is essentially precisely the same as Wimiki for Mac and Windows, but you get to carry it around with you on your phone.

  • Unlimited “reminders” to help you keep up on your healthy habits.
  • Unlimited customizable ”routines” to maximize your potential productivity.
  • Your Daily Targets list on your phone.
  • Your Dream Catcher on your phone.

Here’s one of the things it doesn’t bring to your phone:  Start My Day.  Unless of course you want to access it through your phone’s browser which you always can. Because Start My Day is evolving so quickly, it was not wise for us to include it in the context of a mobile app.  In the future we’ll be making all of our features easier and quicker to access on your phone’s browser.

What else is next?

  • A massive collection of “little” convenience and power enhancements.
  • A much better interface.
  • New features you request.  (those with the highest votes are most likely to get attention)
  • Something really really big.
  • Much more …

As always, we’re looking forward to your feedback.

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