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Why Things Suck (and How to Make Everything Awesome Again) – Part 3

Continued from Parts 1 and 2 …

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  1. Tim Stanforth says:

    NO Habit

    NO Focus

    NO Action

    NO System

  2. No short term gain. No investment in the system. No social construct.

  3. Karl Norman says:

    No patience to change behavior, difficult for human
    No personal goals, No motivation to change
    No understanding why systems help
    No easy-to-use tool to help implementing the system

  4. No time. no commitment. …

  5. Clayton Wagar says:

    It take 21 days to form a new habit but most quit before the habit is formed, a fact that every fitness gymn counts on.

  6. Augustin C. Pop says:

    Bad habits, no motivation, no passion, no action

  7. Diane Brunette says:

    No desire, No time, No understanding of the potential, No curiosity

  8. Brian Ford says:

    No action, no tracking, no results, no clue? :-)

  9. Angela Alale says:

    Boredom, haven’t turned it into a habit, no tracking and haven’t written it down or it’s not in front of us enough..

  10. Jeff Rubin says:


  11. Janeson Keeley says:

    No time. No resources. No consistency. No planning.

  12. Sam says:

    no decisive action no commitment no skills no knowledge

  13. Dave Greene says:

    lazy, scattered, bad habits, unaware

  14. Nigel Lear says:

    no time, no committment, no action, no focus

  15. Michael Lopez says:

    No habits, no clear goals, no action (paralysis), procrastination.

  16. No time, no reminder, no immediate reward (gratification), no motivation

  17. Risk-Seguros says:

    No clear goals, no focus
    no action, no consistency

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