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The Post-Election “Event” – Part 2: How They Hacked Into Your Mind

(continued from Part 1)

Have you ever tormented a cat with a laser pointer?

From our perspective, it’s hilarious.  The cat simply does not have the intellectual capacity to understand what’s happening.  So, it “falls for it” over and over until it’s exhausted.

Does the cat enjoy it?  We tell ourselves it does.  We’re just playing.  Hmmm.  Maybe.

But what if we were the cat?  Would we find it so entertaining?

Spoiler alert …

1.  We are the cat.

2  The laser pointer is spooky science innocently referred to as “Public Relations.”

This brief story illustrates how it works …

In 1929, Edward Bernays – the father of the modern science of Public Relations – organized a protest for women’s rights.  During the Easter Sunday Parade in New York City a group of women lit up “torches of freedom” and marched.  Pictures of these brave women appeared on the front page of newspapers around the world.

So far, so good.  Any group that feels marginalized should stand up for themselves.  Don’t you agree?  Any decent person would, right?

Here’s the rest of the story.  The “torches”?  They were cigarettes.

The whole spectacle was designed to trick women into nicotine addiction.  At the time, a woman smoking in public was taboo.  This greatly annoyed tobacco company Lucky Strike.  Such a taboo suppressed 50% of their potential market.   So, they hired Bernays to shift public opinion.

Even famous feminist Ruth Hale was duped by it:  ”Women! Light another torch of freedom! Fight another sex taboo!”

The result?  A tripling of cigarette sales to women.

Crash Course in Hypnosis:  while the conscious mind is distracted, drop a “payload” into the unconscious mind.

There are many doorways through which this can be done.

Bernays masterfully exploited several of them with his fake protest.  For example, while we shift the conversation over to women’s rights what are we not talking about?

I don’t know … women’s health?

And tying this issue to sexism amplified the persuasive effect.  Try bringing up the dangers of smoking in that context.  ”Aren’t you for women’s rights?  What are you?  Some kind of bigot?  You don’t stand with women?”

Nasty stuff.  And nasty effective.

While we were distracted with the election, deliberately or not, a grand payload was dropped in all of our minds.

Want to know why everyone is protesting now?  Why the country “seems divided?”  Why people feel helpless?

The payload.

Re-Programming Your Mind for Success

As you learned in Part 1, science has made new powerful strides in understanding what leads to success or failure in life.  What the folks at Stanford discovered about the “growth mindset” is one of several such distinctions made in recent decades.

The payload of the 2016 Election was none other than the exact opposite of what we now understand about the science of success.

Read that last sentence again.

I’ll reveal what the payload was in the PDF document below, but for now it’s important to know almost everyone was affected by this – whether aware of it or not.

So … before I can reveal what “The Event” is (and how you can turn potential disaster into profit) we need to “unload” the 2016 Election payload.  Otherwise, you simply won’t be ready for it.

Luckily, science comes to the rescue once again.  There’s a simple way to “deprogram” yourself, but it will require 60 seconds of your time – once a day for 60 days.

We packed the whole system up into a simple PDF document you can print out, put on your wall, and use to track your progress.  It’s 100% free and includes …

  • A simple and easy 60-seconds-a-day exercise to reprogram your mind for success.
  • A printable “streak tracker” to make sure you don’t miss a day.
  • The 3 “failure payloads” that were programmed into our minds over the course of the election.
  • The 3 “success payloads” you must now install.  (Do not skip this.)

The 60-Second Success Reprogramer <— FREE Download




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